Extract relevant information from various sources like blogs, YouTube, and Wikipedia.

(e.g. or

Alternatively, upload a file to process:

The file should be in plain text format, with one URL per line. See the example file.

About InfoExtractor

As a web service, InfoExtractor is a framework that helps you extract structured information from a supplied URL. For example, you can enter a URL of a YouTube video and InfoExtractor will extract a number of associated attributes (title, tags, view count, comments, etc.) in a format that can be easily exported, analyzed, or plugged into something else. Try it above!

Check out our Facebook Harvester, soon to be integrated into InfoExtractor. Also coming soon - The New York Times Crawler!

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Supported URLs:

  • Youtube Video Pages
  • Youtube Profile
  • Facebook Profiles & Pages
  • Wikipedia Entries
  • Huffingtonpost Posts
  • Blogcatalog Blog Posts
  • The Heritage Foundation Blog (The Foundry)